Pre-formed Panels

Pre-Formed Panels (group presentations) are explorations of a topic with a pre-determined list of speakers and chairs or discussant(s).  These panels will be scheduled alongside abstract sessions in one-and-a-half hour blocks of time. 

Integrated Governance, Resilience and Health Risk Reduction

  • One health and urban transformation-interaction between human, animal and environmental health [T.Falkenberg]
  • System mapping and visualization tools for urban social determinants of health approaches [B. Goldman]
  • Present and future of systems science for urban health and wellbeing and global sustainability [F. Gatzweiler]
  • Interoperability of human well-being, climate change, and flood risk towards Accra's resilience in Ghana [B. Dovie]
  • Wicked problems in the city: reflections on institutionalizing accountability in urban areas [L. Paina]
  • Evaluating environmental impacts on health and wellbeing in urban contexts in East Africa: Case studies from Kenya and Uganda [B.Mberu]
  • Championing the rights of children in urban areas-leveraging synergies for improved outcomes for children in urban areas [T. George]

Climate Change and Healthy Cities

  • Healthy city planning and governance [L. Wang]
  • Making smart cities healthier [D. Bachani]
  • The role of urban health in the leaving no one behind agenda [F.K. Donkor]

Economy, Trade, Employment and Social Inclusion

  • The health and wellbeing of people who live in slums [S.I.Watson]
  • Inequalities in living conditions, and health status of the urban poor - implications for urban planning and inclusive development in India [D. Bhattacharya]
  • Slum area mapping network: charting an approach for a scalable, integrated, multi-stakeholder slum area mapping system [D.R. Thomson]
  • Social isolation and health: solutions for cities [D. Napier]
  • Urban ecosystems and Indigenous paradigms – Using Indigenous knowledge to (re)connect urban peoples with their environment [I. Warbick]

Emerging Diseases, Healthcare and Public Services

  • Family planning, fertility and urban development: lessons from research [J. Helzner]
  • Family planning in urban health systems [B.Mberu]
  • Health care use and access among people who live in slums [S.I. Watson]
  • Leveraging the role of science academies for co-production of evidence-informed policy advice in the African context [G. Stewart-Wilson]
  • Informing effective strategies for public services and systems to improve nutrition and wellbeing in East Africa [Y. Dambisya]
  • Healthy Urban Microbiome Initiative [C. Skelly]

Liveable Urban Environments, Urban Planning and Design

  • BAU UrbanLab: A new collaborative, knowledge-generation approach for urban innovation [Ibtihal El-Bastawisi]
  • Building liveable urban environments for ageing population: from multi-disciplinary perspectives [D.W.L. Lai]
  • Evaluating environmental impacts on health and wellbeing in urban contexts in East Africa: Case studies from Kenya and Uganda [B.Mberu]


  • GUAPO – The Global Urban Air Pollution Observatory [E. Martayan]
  • Fort pour le future: improving the health and wellbeing of adolescents in Thies by integrating youth-responsive nutrition and SRHR services and education [B.M. Diedhiou]

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