Pre-formed Panels

Deadline for abstracts for pre-formed panels: 30 June 2019

Pre-Formed Panels (group presentations) are explorations of a topic with a pre-determined list of speakers and chairs or discussant(s).  These panels will be scheduled alongside abstract sessions in one-and-a-half hour blocks of time.  The proposed program should run no longer than one (1) hour to allow at least 30 minutes of discussion, exploring and maximizing audience participation and engagement.

Selected Pre-Formed Panels will receive complimentary meeting space and basic audio-visual including: IBM compatible laptop, LCD projection package and (if needed for room) microphone and sound.  Organisers of the panel will be responsible for any additional audio-visual needs, including wires and adapters for usage of preferred laptops (if different than that of the one provided).

The ISUH and ICUH2019 conference host are unable to provide any scholarship support or waived/reduced conference registration fees for any Pre-Formed Panel organisers, speakers or participants.  The organisers or individual speakers/participants of the panel will be required to cover the costs of all conference registration fees, travel and accommodations. 

Organisers of selected Pre-Formed Panels must ensure that all their selected speakers are registered by 19 August 2019 for their panel to remain on the conference agenda.

Proposals must indicate all the following items to be considered: 

  1. Panel Title
  2. Panel Topic
  3. Identify the conference sub-theme(s) that the panel relates to:
    • Integrated Governance, Resilience and Health Risk Reduction
    • Climate Change and Healthy Cities
    • Economy, Trade, Employment and Social Inclusion
    • Emerging Diseases, Healthcare and Public Services
    • Urban-Rural Recoupling, Soil Security and Migration
    • Liveable Urban Environments, Urban Planning and Design
  4. Provide the following for the primary organiser of the panel:
    • Name
    • Organizational affiliation
    • Country
    • Email address
  5. For any proposed speakers, chairs or discussants (beyond the organizer listed in item 4), provide the following:
    • Name
    • Organizational affiliation
    • Country
  6. Provide an abstract of up to a maximum of 300 words describing:
    • the subject and goals of the session;
    • the topics to be discussed by each speaker; and
    • the relevance to the identified conference themes (from item 3 above)
  7. Indicate your top three (3) options of preferred dates and times from the following (in order of preference):
    • Tuesday, November 5, 2019 (afternoon)
    • Wednesday, November 6, 2019 (morning)
    • Wednesday, November 6, 2019 (afternoon)
    • Thursday, November 7, 2019 (morning)
    • Thursday, November 7, 2019 (afternoon)
    • Friday, November 8, 2019 (morning)
  8. Indicate your additional audio-visual requirements (if any) for this panel, beyond the basic described above

Submission Instructions (which indicates corresponding item #s from above) :

  • Follow the process for submitting an abstract
  • Page 1 of Abstract Submission System
    • Enter Panel Session Title in 1st Box (item #1)
    • Download the abstract template, complete and then upload where indicated
      1. Enter Panel Session Title (item #1)
      2. In the box marked “Authors,” enter all the session presenters, including their organization and country (item #5)
      3. Enter abstract for session including the role of each of the presenters (item #6)
    • Enter 300 word version of abstract for Conference App in 2nd Box (item #6)
    • Download supplemental Pre-Formed Panel template, complete and then upload where indicated (items 7&8)
    • Complete remaining questions on page
  • Page 2 of Abstract Submission System
    • Enter the Institution and Country of the primary organizer and proposed speakers, chairs or discussants of the panel, in the Affiliations section of the page (items #4&5)
    • Enter the name of the primary organizer and proposed speakers, chairs or discussants of the panel, in the Authors section of the page (items #4&5)
    • Enter the email address of the primary organizer of the panel (item #4)
  • Page 3 of Abstract Submission System
    • Choose theme which best describes panel submission (item #3)
    • Identify up to four (4) keywords for the panel submission
  • Page 4 of Abstract Submission System
    • Check “Panel” in the Presentation section
    • Disregard the audiovisual section (which is covered elsewhere for panels)
    • Check confirmation box of attendance
    • Select “Finished”

Deadline for Submission of Pre-Formed Panels: 30 June 2019

Pre-Formed Panels will be selected by a committee made up of the ISUH Secretariat and the ICUH2019 conference host organisations. 

IMPORTANT: By submitting an abstract for a Pre-Formed Panel, the submitting organiser acknowledges their understanding and agreement to all the information provided on this page, and to providing all the requested items in their submission. 


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