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What makes ISUH important:

ISUH is the only global professional organization in the world that focuses exclusively on the broad determinants of urban health. ISUH understands that the health challenges and opportunities in urban environments are complex. They require interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, educators, policy makers, practitioners, community leaders, and urban health advocates in sectors such as urban planning, architecture, transportation, housing, and environmental health and others.

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What ISUH Aims to Accomplish:

Create a worldwide cadre of multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary urban health leaders who are educated and trained in evidence-based and locally relevant solutions

Advance the evidence base regarding the determinants, programs and policies critical for achieving healthy and sustainable urban environments

Improve cross-sector collaboration to solve urban health challenges

Advocate for implementation of evidence-based policies, programs and governance that develop healthy and sustainable urban environments and eliminate health inequities

ISUH’s Approach to Improving Urban Health:

As global trends like population ageing and urbanization underscore the importance of urban health, the role of ISUH will only become more significant as the pre-eminent global organization exclusively focused on urban health and health inequities.

Innovator: Translate the science behind urban health promotion into practice, policy, and advocacy to improve urban health

Incubator: Promote urban centers as platforms to test and scale evidence-based interventions that improve urban health and reduce health inequities

Convener: Deepen cross-sector collaboration at multilateral, national and city levels to promote research, policies, and programs addressing the broad determinants of health and health inequities

Become a Member of ISUH

Your membership can help us develop and sustain ISUH as an independent voice of our global, transdisciplinary members and strategic partners for health equity in urban settings. In addition, as a member of the ISUH you will receive the following benefits:

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