Charlotte Marchandise, Deputy Mayor of Rennes, France


Charlotte Marchandise is Deputy Mayor for Health, elected in the city of Rennes, France and President of the WHO Healthy Cities French Network, Chair of the political Vision Group of European Healthy Cities and co-chair of GUAPO, GLobal Urban Air Pollution Observatory. She is an international expert in Health in All Policies and Urban Health approaches as well as public innovation. She works as a consultant in several countries to accompany the conception of policies and strategies.

She defends a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach, based on communities empowerment.

She advocates for city diplomacy and health in all policies, and works at organizing cooperation in between the cities, and between cities networks and ministries, universities grassroots movements,. She believes cities are global actors and advocates to include them systematically in High Level Conferences and especially in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals achievement.

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